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RedRum Hot Sauces are Done!

After months of work and lots of blabbering about what I was going to make, the mildly anticipated Redrum Hot sauces are ready to be unleashed on the unsuspecting public!

RedRum Hot Sauces from Chilehead Ed

Every year I have a garden and grow all kinds of hot peppers, mostly Habanero’s, Orange and Red Savina, but a bunch of other stuff also. This year I had Long Joe’s and Cayannes and Jalapeno’s, Cherry’s, Thai Dragon, Hungarian Wax, Anaheims and a few red and yellow bells.

I took all of my harvest and put them into my smoker and smoked them with Hickory wood for 12 hours, stemmed all the little buggers and made a mash, what a pain in the butt!

I got hold of a bucket of Red Savina Mash from Jim Campbell at Mild to Wild (Thanks Jim!) and went to work on my baby’s!
The amount of work involved in doing this was ridiculous! I have no illusion that i am ever going to be the next great sauce maker, but I wanted to make some cool stuff to share with friends, family and you guys on the Hot Sauce Blog!

I am a chef, so i was able to make my sauce in the steam kettles at work and sterilize my bottles and all the good stuff to make sure my bottling process was compliant with safe food handling processes, (I am certified in food safety and sanitation).

My first plan was to make a “Special Reserve” so I searched the internet until I found some bottles I thought would look special, 13 bottles for the special sauce! Then I bought some french sealing wax. Over the course of several months I got more and more stuff for the project, Little Axes from Australia, Wax Stamps from Germany, Label ideas from friends and a cool Logo from Cabin Pepper, 5 Million Extract and 16 Million crystals from Mike Muso at HotterNell! Bought me some 5 ounce woozy’s and 10 ounce bottles and I was ready to rock!

RedRum Hot Sauces from Chilehead Ed

It took me 7 hours on my day off from work to make the sauces, I started with my “RedRum Original” made 5 and 10 ounce woozys, a few cases each.
The ingredients are: Red Savina Peppers, Smoked Peppers, Vinegar, Shallots, Corn Syrup, Lime Juice, Herbs and Spices.

RedRum Hot Sauces from Chilehead Ed

Then I made BBQ Sauce, took 1/2 hot sauce and half of my homemade bbq sauce recipe and mixed it together.

Ingredients: Red Savina peppers, Ketchup, Vinegar, Corn Syrup, Smoked Peppers, Shallots, Brown Sugar, Molasses, Lime Juice, Garlic, Herbs and Spices.

Now I think I may have gotten carried away, but I then took some of my Hot sauce and added 5 Million Scoville extract to it, bottled my 13 special bottles, 20 – 5 ounce bottles and had a little left over so I made 6 – 10 ounce bottles also.

But that wasn’t enough! I then took about a gallon of my hot sauce, added the 5 Million extract to it AND the vial of 16 Million Crystals to it, called it my “Extra Special Reserve”.

RedRum Hot Sauces from Chilehead Ed

RedRum Hot Sauces from Chilehead Ed

RedRum Hot Sauces from Chilehead Ed

I made a giant 1.5 Liter Bottle of that, but I had some leftover so I made 2 – 10 ounce bottles and 7 – 5 ounce bottles.
Whew! This little hot sauce project was getting bigger and bigger! I decided to wax the tops of all the bottles, finally got a label done that I liked (a whole day just gluing those on) and put all the finishing touches on this morning!

I signed and numbered the 13 Special Reserves I set out to make from the begining, attached a little bottle of Bih Jolokia Powder and a little axe to each Bottle, put the RedRum seal on it and here they are for your viewing pleasure!

I have sent out a couple of unlabled bottles to people from the Hot Sauce Blog during the process and have gotten some pretty good reviews. The sauce has a rich, unique flavor (from my secret ingredient, I love that “Herbs and spices” on the label!) and the BBQ sauce kicks ass! I am going to send nick a bottle of each for review.

I am donating the #1 Bottle of the “Special Reserve” to Jim’s Step up for Charity, it will be in an auction soon from Nick at Sweat N’ Spice.

All the bottles are labeled 2006, I already have my Idea for next years “special offering”! Each year I am going to do something different!

If anyone is interested in a bottle, leave a comment and I’ll get in touch with you.
~ ChileHeadEd

RedRum Hot Sauce Price List

2006 Original Sauce:
5 ounce RedRum Hot Sauce – $6.50
10 ounce RedRum Hot Sauce – $10.00
10 ounce RedRum BBQ Sauce – $6.50

5 ounce Signed and Numbered (First 13) – $15.00
10 oz. Signed and Numbered (First 13) – $20.00
10 oz. Signed and Numbered BBQ sauce (First 13) – $15.00

2006 Special Reserve with 5 Million extract:

5 ounce RedRum Special Reserve Taster – $15.00
(only 20 made, 13 free with collectors bottle )
10 ounce RedRum Special Reserve Taster – $20.00 (only 6 made)

8 ounce Collectors 2006 RedRum Special Reserve with free taster bottle
Signed and Numbered only 13 bottles made ““ $40.00

2006 Extra Special Reserve with 5 Million extract and 16 million crystals:
5 ounce RedRum Extra Special Reserve signed and numbered only 7 made – $20.00
10 ounce RedRum Extra Special Reserve signed and numbered only 2 made – $25.00