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Review: Big Dawg Slobber Sauce

Big Dawg Slobber Sauce Saves Dinner
Big Dawg Slobber Sauce

the Ex (the wife) tries very hard to cook good and healthy food at times, but every so often there is a dish that remains infamous long after it’s digested. This time around, it’s her Meatless Meatloaf. Sounds yummy huh? (if your think it does, I’ll get you the recipe)

Meatless Meatloaf
Meatless Meatloaf

Meatless MeatloafOkay, okay… I admit the meatless meatloaf wasn’t that bad. It was worse. 🙂 Nah, actually the only two major problems with it was the complete lack of flavor and meat. It was just nutty. (I renamed it Nut Loaf)

At first I took a bite of the nut loaf without any condiments – blah! Then, inspiration hit – Slobber Sauce. Slobber Sauce is made by Big Dawg Salsa and I was first introduced to it at Zest Fest 2006. Slobber Sauce is like no other product on the market right now (to the best of my knowledge).

It’s a drool inducing blend of ketchup, mustard, chipotle peppers and other assorted spices. Granted, anyone out there can mix ketchup and mustard, but after trying Slobber Sauce you’ll wonder why you even bothered messing with the other stuff.

Meatless Meatloaf meets Slobber Sauce
Meatless Meatloaf Meets Slobber Sauce

On First Taste: When you first taste Slobber Sauce, the mustard is the first to hit you tongue and nostrils. Then the sweetness of the ketchup is kicks in, followed by the mild heat of the Chipotle pepper.

On Food:
To be fair, nut loaf is not the best food to waste try any sauce on, but Slobber Sauce stepped up to the plate and made the meatless meatloaf taste good. The wife was happy to see me eat another slice of the nut loaf but really I was only using it as a reason to eat more Slobber Sauce.

Slobber Sauce Saves Dinner

Slobber Sauce will make your mouth water – Give it a try the next time your wife cooks up something strange or even straight out of the jar. It’s a great multipurpose sauce for anything that you would put mustard or ketchup onto. Mmmm.. Slobber Sauce hot dogs… *drool*

Slobber Sauce

Everything taste better when you add some Slobber.
3rd Place – 2007 Fiery Food Challenge Barbeque Sauce – Chipotle
2nd Place – Zestfest 2006 People’s Preference Award Condiment
1st Place – 2006 Houston Hot Sauce Fest. People’s Choice Award Condiment

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