Posted November 18, 2006 by Anthony in Makers

Review: Danny Cash NOS Hot Sauce

Danny Cash NOS hot Sauce

I have to start off by saying that I have tasted and reviewed a good chunk of the Danny Cash Line-up. And out of the “new generation” of hot sauce makers I have never seen an array of saucecondiments this good except for that of Uncle Big’ Droolin Devil Line-up. Danny Cash certainly knows what he is doing here and my hats off to the entire crew.

That being said, DC has decided to release their first collectable. And what a doozy it is. The NOS or Not Ordinary Sauce is the moniker Danny Cash labeled this and it definitely true. But is there anything of substance inside the amazing exterior of this formidable bottle? Let’s take a closer look.

This is one of those taking it for the team reviews. The reason why I am reviewing it is well”¦..for some strange reason it got pretty banged up on its way over here. Which is really strange as nothing else was damaged (including a canister of Crazy Jerry’s Mustard Gas). So until my replacement arrives I get to indulge in this one. So in hindsight I guess it was a good thing.
Straight ahead no nonsense hot sauce
Hiding behind the aluminum can is a straight ahead no nonsense hot sauce. One of those so basic in form but so complex in its delivery. It’s hot that’s for sure but no where near extreme. It has a very strong habanero flavor that hits hard with the garlic and then the vinegar settles in. Be warned though that is extremely watery. So care must be taken when pouring out. This is by no means an outstanding sauce. I think due to the nature of the bottle the vinegar quotient was raised significantly and not much else was added to aid in the stability of keeping this sauce alive and well in the aluminum.

Danny Cash NOS hot Sauce

Ingredients: Red Habanero, Fresh Garlic, Lime Juice, Vinegar, Salt

Bottom line is that the [tag]hot sauce[/tag] is passable. It has packs quite a bit of heat but the vinegar is almost overwhelming. But for those that want to know if there is some substance behind this collectable, I can say yes!

As a collectable I think Danny Cash has upped the ante here. He has created an amazing looking hot sauce collectable, that tastes decent and on top of that, he has made it affordable.

Packaging 10/10 ““ pretty freaking cool
Aroma 7/10 ““ Fresh peppers garlic and vinegar
Appearance 6/10 ““ Very watery
Taste 6.8/10 ““ Bare bones [tag]habanero[/tag] hot sauce
Heat 8/10 ““ Very Hot

Overall 10/10 ““ For Collectors
6.5/10 ““ For eaters

Danny Cash Unlimited
2936 S. Zuni Street, Unit A
Englewood, CO 80110
(888) 3-hotsauce