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B-99 Reserves Shipped

Blair's B-99 Reserve

There you have it folks, Blair’s B-99 Reserve. Now the picture above doesn’t quite begin to do justice to the wax on this beauty. Each bottle has been layered with black and white imported wax. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, each bottle has been drizzled (by hand) with bronze and silver wax. These bottles were going to originally retail for $200, but because of the Holiday Reserve debacle, Blair has once again gone above and beyond for the chilehead community and delivered each of the B-99 reserves for $106.95 (w/shipping).And on the shipping end of things, folks who recieve one of these direct from Blair will notice a change in the shipping method. Each B-99 is shipped OUT of the display box, wrapped in thick bubble wrap and packed in a ton of peanuts. The boxes these are shipped in are 4 times the size any other reserve has been delivered in. And all of this is just to protect the wax! So remember, it’s cold outside, so please let the Reserve warm to room temp before you open it. This should help protect the wax from breakage.
Blair's B-99 Reserve - Top Shot

Blair's B-99 Reserve - Side

Blair's B-99 Reserve - Side

Blair's B-99 Reserve - Signature

Like we did for the Holiday Reserve, if you’ve recieved a B-99, let us know what number you’ve recieved and we’ll track them across the country.B-99 Reserves
#6 – Ron Menin
#7 – HSB
#11 – Tracy C.
#14 – Ryan H.
#18 – MattUK
#20 – Andrew (Canada)
#21 – Ryan Bell
#29 – For Sale on eBay
#35 – Sold on eBay – Winner Henry Knake
#39 – For Sale on eBay
#40 – Jeff
#45 – Scott
#50 – HSB Reader in hiding
#53 – Hot Sauce Head
#57 – Jeff
#59 – thakswet
#61 – Sold on eBay – Winner: Cheffy
#60 – Paul
#64 – eman
#68 – For Sale on eBay
#71 – Bilal
#80 – Parker394
#81 – Mad Reilly
#82 – Rob S.
#88 – HSB
#90 – MSK
#91 – For Sale on eBay (in a set)
#93 – Sold on eBay – Winner: Jeff C
#96 – Defcon Creator
#99 – For Sale on eBay

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