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The HSB 2006 Year End Review

As we roll into the end of 2006, we’re continuing the annual tradition of looking back at the past year here on the HSB. 2006 has been one hell of a ride for the Hot Sauce Blog – celebrating our 2nd Birthday and attending 2 major chilehead festivals (as well as convincing numerous people to go). A big thank you to all the readers, commentors and reviewers that make the HSB the hottest blog on the net!

The first post of 2006 gave us a look at Cheffy’s Hot Sauce Collection and paved the way for many many more collections to be displayed & publically drooled over.

January was also the month where we:
Enjoyed Anthony’s Holiday Hot Sauce Horror
Checked out Graham’s Hot Sauce Collection
Reviewed Blair’s Q Heat Wasabi Green Tea
Announced the Cutting Room Floor Contest
Watched as Dave’s Gourmet Acquired Chile Today Hot Tamale
Reviewed Defcon Zero (Batch #1)
Tasted & Approved Epic Valley Salsa
Debuted Scotty B’s Hot Sauces
Celebrated the first Defcon Day
Were humbled by Vic & Wendy’s Hot Sauce Collection
Announced the release of Hot Blog Sauce

While February may have been cold, we kept it warm with:
B-99 Reserves Shipped
A review of Rosa Mexicano
A scarring video from the TorchBearer Crew
A look at Eman’s Hot Sauce Collection
Announcing the release of 357 Mad Dog Mustard
A look at a Blair’s Pre-AM Reserve
A featured interview in Chile Pepper Magazine
The creation of the “I Love Hot Sauce” Shirts
A debut of Captain Capsicum

In March, we made the trip to ABQ again and also brought you:
The Ultimate Signed Blogger Sauce
2006 Fiery Foods Show – Thursday, Friday (and Friday Night), Saturday (and Saturday Night)
The first Caption This Contest
The Creator’s Take on the Fiery Foods Show
The Three Hot Tamales
Twas The Night Before The Contest (& After)
The Official N-59 Thread
Announced the Winners of the Cutting Room Floor Contest
Finished MississippiSauceKing.com
And to round out March, my personal favorite: Cackalacky Declared “The Un-Hot Sauce”798 comments!

April started of with wings (lots of them):
Defcon 1st Annual Wing Eating Contest
Caption This #2
HSB Gets Gifted
Pimp Your Sauce Contest
Hot Sauce Maker Interview #1 – Hatari Bros.
International Man of Wings
Hot Sauce Maker Interview #2 – Uncle Big
Happy Baby Mr. & Mrs. Eman!
Captain Habanero Debut Comic

As we eased into the summer, May brought us:
Hot Sauce Hottie #4
Blair’s Vintage Set
Blair’s Cutting Room Floor Set
Spotlight: Figuero’s International Gourmet Foods
New from Blair: Firecracker 500
Interview With the Three Hot Tamales
Review: Defcon’s Habby Horse

June was here before we knew it and brought us:
Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Eman (Loot & Baby)
The Great Hot Sauce on Pizza Challenge
Hot Sauce Blog Forum
Team HSB Shirts & Hats
Pepperman’s Wedding Announcement
Taste the 4th Sense – Store Review
Casting: A Hot Sauce Movie
Review: Honey! Where Da’ Hell is my Hot Sauce? – Vic & Wendy’s First review on the HSB
Blair & CaJohn’s Step Up For Charity Reserves
Blair’s Firecracker 500 Reserve
Blair’s Encore Reserve

We kicked off July with the first of many Nando’s Reviews, followed by:
Review: Dave’s Smokin’ BBQ’d Nuts
Hot Sauce Hottie #7 & #8 (and a “hot sauce hunk”)
Petty’s Meats and Specialty Foods – Store Review
Open Fields 2006
Blair’s Firecracker 500 Reserve: White Base
Hot Sauce Hottie #9
Blair’s “Special” Encore Reserve
Defcon Day #3 – The Aftermath
Meet Your Maker #8 – Dave Hirschkop

August started off quietly enough, but soon got fired up with:
Cafe Tequila Remains a Hostage of Original Juan Specialty Foods
Original Juan Rebuttal
Hot Shop Review: Pepper Palace
Who Wants a $300 Hot Sauce? HSB graces Business Week
Collectors @ ZestFest 2006
Original Juan Strikes Back at Cafe Tequila
Stairway to Heaven
Caveat Emptor by CaJohn
Collector’s Bottles @ Zest Fest 2006

September was a month of Zest Fest and liver recovery
Hot Sauce Haiku Contest
Review: Me So Hot Hot Sauce
Hot Sauce Blog Poker Tournament
Zest Fest 2006 – Day 0
Day 1: HSB Short Bus @ Zest Fest 2006
Zest Fest 2006 – Day & Night 1
Congrats to Chris K & Kristi!
Zest Fest 2006 – Day 2 & 3 Highlights
2007 Fiery Food Challenge Winners @ 2006 Zest Fest
A Very Bad Thing Happened In Houston”¦
TSA & Hot Sauce Don’t Mix

In October, we were still recovering from Zest Fest & started worrying about breasts:
HSBers Show Their Stuff at ZestFest!
Friday Night Cowboys (& Girls)
2006 Houston Hot Sauce Festival Recap & Winners
Blair’s 2006 Halloween Reserves
HSB Mission Statement
Save the Breasts!
HSB Logos by Angry Pepper Graphix
Hot Sauce Retailers & Manufacturer Search

November took us into the HOT holiday season with:
A look at Peppers
Help Design an Illegal Alien Label
Contest: Name That Sauce!
Fire Mountain Krewe, Gatlinburg Tenn.
Defcon Sauces 2006 Annual Report
Fiery Handmade Signs
The Offspring’s Dexter Holland and his Gringo Bandito hot sauce
Review: Danny Cash NOS Hot Sauce
Arizona Jack is Selling His Left Nut!
HSB Reviewed & Approved Logos

And finally, Decemeber came before we knew it and with the holiday season we got:
Sinfully Spicy Sauce Ads
Review: Crazy Ed’s Cave Creek Chili Beer Brand Hot Sauce
News for eBay Oblivion Prototype Buyers
2006 Holiday Reserve Pre-Release
New Look for Scotty B’s in 2007
RedRum Hot Sauces are Done!
Sizzlin’ Holiday Hot Sauce Set
A look at Hell Night
Merry Christmas HSBers!

This post was a ton of fun to put together, but I’ve barely scratched the surface of all the great posts here on the HSB in 2006. In 2007, the HSB will be revealing some exciting news, some industry shake up news, new reviews & interviews, product announcements and much much more…

Here’s to a great 2007 and everyone please stay safe tonight! I’ve scored tickets to the Lakers & 76ers game tonight, so we’ll be hanging out celebrating the new year courtside – but even that cannot compare to New Years Eve in New York City…


Nick Lindauer

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